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Female mathematician gives a blackboard lecture.

The Finnish Mathematical Society, founded in 1868, is an academic society for researchers and students of mathematics in Finland. The purpose of the Society is to promote research and interest in mathematics in Finland.

The main activities of the Society are the publication of journals, organization of scientific meetings, and mathematical competition training.


The journal Annales Fennici Matematici publishes research articles in mathematics. Together with physics societies Suomen Fyysikkoseura and Fysikersamfundet i Finland, the Society publishes the scholarly journal Arkhimedes, which covers topical issues in mathematics and physics in Finland and internationally.


The Society awards yearly, with the kind support of the Olli Lehto fund, a prize for the best Ph.D. thesis in mathematics in Finland. The Society awards also yearly the Lindelöf prize for the best master's thesis in mathematics. In the national meeting Matematiikan päivät, held every even year, the Society awards a prize, SMYn matematiikkapalkinto, for advancement of mathematics in Finland.