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Finnish Mathematical Society

Finnish Mathematical Society

Finnish Mathematical Society (FMS) is the society of researchers, professionals and students of pure and applied mathematics in Finland. The society was founded in 1868 and its purpose is to advance the research and education of mathematics as well as the general interest towards mathematics in Finland.

Central activities of the society are organizing various events such as the Finnish Mathematical Days, participating in publishing the Arkhimedes magazine, having an international visitor programme and giving prizes for outstanding mathematical theses. The society also represents Finnish mathematics in various international organizations such as EMS, ECCOMAS and ICIAM, and participates in organizing the Nordic Congress of Mathematicians.

The president of the society is Professor Tuomo Kuusi, the secretary is M.Sc Akseli Haarala, and the treasurer is Ph.D. Pekka Nieminen. Society's membership fee is 40 euro. The webmaster is Docent Antti Rasila. If you are not on the mailing list of the society and would like to be added, please contact the secretary.


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